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Privacy policy

The company “Bregu” sha, collects and processes personal data in support of law no. 48/2012, amended by law no. 120/2014 “On the protection of personal data”.

Like most online institutions and entities, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of visitors to this site are used to help diagnose problems with the Bregu sh.a. server and to manage the Bregu sh.a website. , identifying how the respective sites are being used. IP addresses are not related to anything personally identifiable. This means that user sessions will be tracked, but users will remain anonymous.
Email addresses provided by visitors can be used to send them information, to respond to requests for information, and / or requests or other questions.
To communicate more effectively with visitors to this website, visitors may be required to provide personally identifiable information, which may include; for example, name, email address, or phone number.
Bregu sh.a will never sell or trade with non-profit institutions, businesses or non-profit organizations personally identifiable information, which is voluntarily provided by visitors through the website www.bregugroup.al, such as; email address, name or phone number.
At the same time, Bregu sh.a. will provide third parties with personally identifiable information to visitors to this website, if one or more of the following conditions exist:
● Bregu sh.a has obtained the consent of users to share with others the information in question;
● Bregu sh.a. is requested or authorized to share with others the information in question based on the legislation in force.

Changes in this policy
This Privacy Policy can be amended from time to time. Any changes will be displayed on this page.
This privacy policy only covers the site www.bregugroup.al and not other sites linked to this site.
The change or update of this privacy policy will be notified immediately on this site.