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Bregu sha

Bregu sh.a has 27 years of experience on building and reconstructing industry, successfully completing public and private projects, influencing on the society well being and community values. Partners for more than 15 years with the European Union in strategic of projects in Albania and beyond in the region.


Bregu sha. is committed to providing high-quality services according to the highest standards in the construction and design industry, constantly striving for continuous improvement of our quality; providing added value to the customers through innovation, technology, integrity and absolute performance.


Our vision is to grow and expand our portfolio of works in the region and beyond, by always being a reference point for innovations in the field of construction in Albania!

Bregu Sha,Bregu group,Refugee Reception Center,Shkup North Macedonia

Following strategic projects in Montenegro, Bregu sha. has signed a contract to build a ‘’Refugee Reception Center’’ in Skopje, North Macedonia! The new building will provide sufficient space for reception, sanitary treatment and accommodation of foreigners, thus allowing the proper implementation of all operating procedures and control systems in accordance with the standards.

Bregu Sha,Bregu group,Délicatesse Villa Délicatesse Villa,Korçë

Délicatesse Villa is the newest project by "Bregu sh.a" and consists of 2 Villa made of 3-storey attached buildings which will be built according to a classic style of exterior facade and contemporary interior design. Living in this mansion seems like a Parisian neighborhood and has elegance, gold pink colors and cardamom fragrance. French balconies decorated with classic ornaments make you enjoy your mornings in Korça!

Bregu Sha,Bregu group,Rolling Hills Luxury Residences

"Bregu sh.a" has built 6 villas on the Block B4 and B5 in "Rolling Hills Luxury Residences"! Rolling Hills is a deluxe surrounded community, of the best building standards and the first of its kind in Albania. This investment provides four types of villas ranging in size from 280-1,030 m2 and land area 550-2000 m2. This contract foresees the construction of 6 villas including excavation, concrete works, and reinforcement works, wall works, finishing works, electrical, mechanical works and external works.

Bregu Sha,Bregu group,Contemporary residences and palaces with unique design

Year 2019 starts with the construction of the future! The new plans and project-proposals are very challenging and innovative in the field of construction. Contemporary residences and palaces with unique design that influence the life of the community around, are awaiting to be constructed this year.

Bregu Sha,Bregu group,standardeve evropiane,Border Crossing Point of Hani i Hotit

“Bregu Sh.a” with an experience of 27 years, continued with the construction projects according to European quality standards, in accordance with all laws, technical and urban legislation. 2018 was the year of completion of the projects “Border Crossing Point of Hani i Hotit” and “Border Crossing Point of Bozaj” where we got the highest awards by the international instances.


Year 2015 marked the start of 3 challenging strategic projects for the Albanian government, financed by the European Union, our strategical partner of the company for 15 years. “Border Crossing Point of Hani i Hotit” and “Border Crossing Point of Bozaj” have as main objective the improvement of the regional trade by increasing the quality of the service for the enterprises and civilians. The components of the project are the reconstruction of the border crossing point’s passage, the building of the second line and the new customs terminal. “Renea Special Forces Academy”, foresees the construction of a new sportive complex and the dormitories of “Special Forces of Renea”.


“Bregu Sh.a” continued to improve it’s technological capacities, according to European levels. The completion of challenging projects, with the highest standards, brought the selection of our company for the European Union project and for the construction of “Renea Special Forces Academy” in Tirana. In these years, we also started the project of constructing the building “Residence 1”, in the Mihal Grameno street, Tirana.


Through the years 2008-2010, Bregu sh.a continued the collaboration in strategic investments with “European Delegation”, PIU for the construction of “Center for the re-integration of the Minors” in Kavaja, financed by EU.


Years 2005-2007 mark a continuous development of “Bregu Sh.a” portofolio, including the integration of the project management innovative and advanced elements. Throughout a successive collaboration with the “European Delegation in Albania’’, was completed the project for constructing the “Prison of high security” in Korca. This partnership marked the start for other projects financed by the “European Delegation”.


The story of success continues on the years 2000-2004, where “Bregu Sh.a” has collaborated with various governmental enterprises to construct buildings of a high importance like: schools, hospitals and other objects, of which improved the community life.


In the years 1999-2000, “Bregu Sh.a” continued to expand it’s construction portofolio in the Collective Residential buildings with multiply floors. Constructions and reconstructions of cultural and public institutions. Of which: Water Supply Distribution Centers, Cable Channel Systems, CËC 15 and CËC 16 contracts, Radio transmitting antenna phones, hospitals, electrical substations etc.


In 1998, we completed the projects of constructing “Bulgarec Water Supply Distribution Center”, hospitals in Maliq and Bilisht, also Cable Connection in the city of Korça. A very important project in these years is also the reconstruction of “First Albanian School – Mësonjëtorja e Parë Shqipe” in Korça, for it’s historical values reflected in the society. These projects were financed by Korça’s local government.


On the years 1994-1998 were completed the projects of constructing the “PTT Korça” and the High School in ‘’Vashtmi Village’’, Korça. In these years our company constructed the first residential building with private investments.


“Bregu Sh.a” is founded in 1991 in the city of Korça. In the beggining our company has conducted various important projects like: the reconstruction of old vilas in Korca, of schools and kindergardens like such as “24 Maji”, Foreign Languages School, “Naim Frasheri” School, “Raqi Qirinxhi” School, Kindergarden “19”, dormitory of the medical school, “Nuçi Naçi” School, construction of private flats and other state institutions.