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  • t: +355 67 60 40 733
  • Street Dervish Hima, Build Ambasador 3
  • Floor II, D.11, Tirana, Albania

Social Responsibility

Bregu sh.a. is committed to promoting the highest social values and caring for the community and the environment. We believe that business growth should be accompanied by a parallel development of community and social culture wherever it operates. Therefore, we always value and engage in social and environmental policies.
We aim to ensure that our business activities are an investment that improves the social conditions of employment, environmental infrastructure, and culture in the communities where we operate.
Bregu sh.a. is not limited to providing jobs for the local communities in which it operates but tries to have a positive impact on the families of employees.
Our main pillars in social programs are:
● Environmental care
● Investments in cultural protection