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  • t: +355 67 60 40 733
  • Street Dervish Hima, Build Ambasador 3
  • Floor II, D.11, Tirana, Albania
  • Bazaar Gate

    Bazaar Gate is the newest project of "Bregu sha" and the ideal residence for living!
    This residence is in the heart of the ‘’Pazari i Ri’’, one of the most frequented destinations in Tirana and well known for transmitting the tradition of Tirana and metropolitan life. Not only apartments, builded to the highest European standards, for which Bregu sh.a. has been known for 27 years, but also 2 floors of commercial areas of the most popular brands! Consisting of 13 floors above ground and 3 underground, a unique design that aims enhancing the value of art, culture, active life and socialization in the capital city!
    Inspired by European metropolitan residential complexes, "Bazaar Gate" was designed in collaboration with one of the most prestigious studios, internationally renowned. Many other attributes of this project remain to be discovered…

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  • Serenity Residence

    Serenity Residence transmits the values of Korça, by having an elegant design, architecture and value broadcasting.

    Serenity Residence

    Serenity Residence is an apartment complex consisting of 2 residential buildings and 4-storey "Serenity Hotel"! Serenity Residence transmits the values of Korça, by having an elegant design and architecture.
    Serenity Residence is your dream home that transmits warmth and light. By using an elegant style in the exterior of the facade but also in the interior design, we are able to adapt more to the traditional style. With ‘Serenity’ we do not just create a residential apartments complex, but we manage to create a pole with commercial areas, shops, promenade, tourist passage and elements unified to the city's culture!
    Serenity means living in the oasis peace in Korça, surrounded with culture and whiteness. Choose between apartments for sale (2 + 1, 3 + 1, duplex) and business units. On the 0th floor of "Serenity Residence"; are available 4 business units occupying an area up to 273.8 m2! Also your residence has -2 floor underground parking!
    The perfect location on the city center, high quality of the construction works and the modern architecture designed in collaboration with "Bolles + Wilson"; are some of the key attributes that add value to your business at this residence.
    We use the European methodology of work implementation and material selection while strictly following the EUROCODE standards to guarantee the highest quality of building construction!
    "Serenity Residence"; has a perfect location between Korca pedestrian area, the Park and the Orthodox Cathedral on Ligor Rembeci Street! The complex has access on both roads!



    It transmits the values of Korça by having an elegant approach to design, architecture and value broadcasting to those who inhabit and visit the residence.


    It transmits the feeling of Warmth and light, like a December night in Korça. Freshness and fragrance are the elements that accompany you at the residence during the whole year.


    Having an elegant style in the facade but also on the interior design, we tend to get closer to the traditional style.


    With ‘Serenity’ we do not create just a residential apartment complex, but we manage to create a landmark with commercial spaces, promenade and tourist passage!


    Elegant, rose gold, with in-lighted spaces and bright Neapolitan colors. With stores composed by art and style there where you can hear kids run and smell the fruit fragrances...this is the atmosphere that will surround our residence!

    The art of living in Korca!

    Serenity Residence

    Një Rezidencë që përcjell qetësinë dhe ngrohtësinë e shtëpisë, e konturuar nga esenca e qytetit të Korçës dhe ngjyrat e saj.

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