• E: info@bregugroup.al
  • t: +355 67 60 40 733
  • Street Dervish Hima, Build Ambasador 3
  • Floor II, D.11, Tirana, Albania

Bazaar Gate is the newest project of "Bregu sha" and the ideal residence for living!
This residence is in the heart of the ‘’Pazari i Ri’’, one of the most frequented destinations in Tirana and well known for transmitting the tradition of Tirana and metropolitan life. Not only apartments, builded to the highest European standards, for which Bregu sh.a. has been known for 27 years, but also 2 floors of commercial areas of the most popular brands! Consisting of 13 floors above ground and 3 underground, a unique design that aims enhancing the value of art, culture, active life and socialization in the capital city!
Inspired by European metropolitan residential complexes, "Bazaar Gate" was designed in collaboration with one of the most prestigious studios, internationally renowned. Many other attributes of this project remain to be discovered…

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